What if everything you’ve been told about losing weight with PCOS or High Androgens is wrong…
Discover How To Lose the Fat, Reduce Facial Hair, Clear Acne and Regrow Hair In Only 28 Days Using 3 Simple To Follow Nutritional Strategies That Have Been Specifically Developed For Women Just Like You With PCOS!
Are you uncomfortable in your body and frustrated daily by your flab, embarrassing “manly” facial hair, pimply skin, thinning hair and generally feeling out of control every month?
It could be high androgens. 
Have you given up on weight loss and trying to get rid of stubborn belly fat and facial hair, thinking this is how you were going to be going forward not realizing it could be hormonal?
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and resulting high levels of androgen hormones is believed to affect upwards of 1 in 10 women, and many don’t realize it.   
PCOS simply put is a disruption in the balance of the endocrine system, causing high levels of androgen hormones like testosterone and insulin in the body. 
Have you been struggling with:
  •  Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  •  Weight gain in the hips, thighs, back and belly 
  •  Embarrassing “manly” facial and body hair growth 
  •  Mood swings, irritability, depression and/or anxiety- especially at ‘that time of the month’ 
  •  Oily skin and hair 
  •  Acne- especially the deep, painful kind that may get worse before your period 
  •  Heavy, painful and irregular periods 
  •  Hair thinning, especially on the top of your head and near the hairline?
  •  Sore, tender and swollen breasts 
  •  Fatigue- especially premenstrually 
  •  Difficulty or inability to get pregnant
  •  Brain fog or difficulty concentrating 
  •  PMS (premenstrual syndrome) 
  •  Pelvic pain during menstrual flow or any other time throughout the month 
  •  Ovarian Cysts 
  •  Lack of ovulation 
  •  Low progesterone or luteal phase defect

You may even be complaining that. . .
  •  I have to shave, pluck or wax my face and body regularly
  •  My period just does not come or it comes irregularly 
  •  I get scared when I see large clots during my period 
  •  I get “hangry” between meals 
  •  I can’t stay away from sugar 
  •  I’m so depressed I feel the world is crumbling around me 
  •  I have to use heavy makeup to cover my deep, red and painful cystic acne breakouts 
  •  I cry when I wash my hair because so much falls out 
  •  I’ve lost my desire for sex 
  •  I feel tired all day long but I can’t fall asleep at night 
  •  I can’t lose weight no matter what diet I try 
  •  I feel bloated like a balloon 
  •  I buy so many products to hide my showing scalp 
  •  I am getting cramps like when I was a teenager 
  •  I’m sick of taking so many meds like birth control, metformin and spironolactone 
  •  My period flows are heavier than normal
  •  My waist is like a spare tire on my body 
  •  I can’t get pregnant no matter what I do
If you’re saying “YES!!” to even a few of these complaints, symptoms or conditions then you’re about to discover three NEW truths that will improve your hormones and how you too can achieve your healthiest weight and most feminine self- even with PCOS!  
I’ve successfully worked with hundreds of women just like you who struggled with the exact same problems as you. . .and best of all, I saved each and every one of these brave women from the embarrassing physical symptoms of PCOS and high androgens that seemingly leaves no survivors in its path!
Hi There
My name is Robyn and I am a Holistic Nutritionist and woman with PCOS.

Right from my very first period at the age of 12, I experienced extremely heavy, painful and irregular menstrual cycles.

To add insult to injury, I was covered in deep, painful acne, my hair was falling out and I have to shave my face every day like a man.

After coming off the birth control pill when I learned of its nasty potential side effects, I didn’t get a period for 4 months.

My cycles continued to be irregular in this way and my doctor was not convinced I should be worried.

Being in nutrition school and knowing about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome as a condition, I knew better.

All my symptoms fit- the facial hair, hair thinning, acne, irregular cycles and copious weight gain.   
So I pushed my physicians.   
Finally after a year of suspicion, I was diagnosed with PCOS.   
I tried the usual things to lose the extra fat I gained like counting calories, reducing my fat intake and doing more cardio.

All of this to end up gaining more weight and more manly facial and body hair by the day.

I cried and cried so many tears wondering- why me?!

Why the @#%& did I deserve this?  
Why couldn’t I be a sexy, clear-skinned, hairless woman?  
As I delved into fixing my PCOS at the root cause, I learned about high androgens.

That sneaky, sometimes lab-undetectable hormonal imbalance that was keeping me fat, hairy and pimply.

Once I implemented a targeted nutritional eating plan to optimize my PCOS-related high androgens using real-whole foods, I dropped the extra 15 pounds I was holding onto and felt JOY for the very first time in my life!

No longer was I crippled and ruled by my anxiety and self-consciousness about my body.   
My facial and body hair growth reduced- I didn’t need to shave every day anymore!

My skin slowly became less oily and actually cleared up- I didn’t need to put on heavy makeup before leaving the house.

And my cycles regulated along with the more new hair growth on my head and less shedding.

After experiencing results like this I knew I had to help other women experience these benefits.  
Here’s The Problem. 
There are 3 things that keep women just like us from experiencing healthy fat loss, and minimized embarrassing hair and skin symptoms. 
3 Fictions That Keep You Fat and Hairy
Fiction #1: Low Carb For Weight Loss
Happy Hormones Reality: You can and should enjoy regular consumption of slow, nutrient-dense carbs to have sustainable weight loss and improved emotional state.

You won’t be able to stick to a ‘diet’ when you are always hungry- sooner or later you’re going to cave in. The latest research in neuroscience (how the brain works) confirms what I know as an experienced Holistic Nutritionist- willpower is not the way- and it’s seriously no fun!

Many low-carb diet programs like Atkins, South Beach and Ketogenic all have one major fault in common- they’re just WAY too freaking hard to stick to. Bonus is you cheat or come off the diet, the weight comes back like gangbusters.

In my clinical experience, women on long-term low-carb diets end up fatter, more tired and moodier than when they began. They also ginger more often and feel more food guilt than women who eat an estrogen-balancing, delicious, real-food diet every single day. 
Fiction #2: Lotions and Potions for Hair Removal and Acne
Happy Hormones Reality: Diet plays a massive role in reducing the hormones (like testosterone) that contribute to facial hair, hair loss and acne in women. Eating specific foods can reduce embarrassing “manly” symptoms without the pain of waxing, copious meds or skin-damaging chemical creams.

Daily plucking, shaving and waxing can seem like a good idea at the time- it gets rid of the hair fast, and that’s what we want! However, these methods can create more damage to our skin. For example, waxing and plucking can create acne and inflame the hair follicles, creating ingrown hairs- women with PCOS are more prone to this than other women. Shaving on the other hand you need to do daily and it’s incredibly stressful psychologically- all the tears I’ve cried while shaving my face are a testament to that!

Maybe you’ve been like me and used antibiotics to clear your acne as recommended by your dermatologist. These medications will have the exact opposite effect because wiping out your beneficial bacteria or “probiotics” both from the surface of the skin and internally creates an environment where harmful pathogens and inflammation can go wild- two major contributors to acne, hormonal imbalances, and other skin issues.
Fiction #3: Meds Like Birth Control, Metformin and Spironolactone for PCOS Symptoms
Happy Hormones Reality: The symptoms of PCOS like facial hair, weight gain, hair loss and acne can be managed naturally, without pharmaceutical intervention. In fact- I never took a single drug to assist my PCOS and I’ve reversed basically ALL my symptoms naturally!

As a woman who used the Pill for 7 years, I know all too well it does nothing to balance hormones. When you are on the Pill, you don’t ovulate, and therefore don’t have an actual period, rather it’s “breakthrough bleeding”.

This prevents your body from cycling properly, and can increase risk for infertility, females cancers and blood clots with use. The Pill has recently been linked to causing depression, and is used as a general “band-aid” approach to various women’s health issues, usually resulting in more symptoms or no improvement at all.

Likewise, traditional drugs for PCOS like Metformin and Spironolactone have their own set of side effects. In fact- I haven’t met ONE woman using Metformin who hasn’t experienced significant digestive upset from using the pills.
OK Robyn, now I understand the problems that are contributing to my PCOS weight gain, “manly” facial hair, embarrassing acne and copious hair thinning- but what is the solution?  
Since there’s 3 Fictions keeping you fat, unhappy and hormonally imbalanced, there’s also 3 parts to the solution- what I like to call the 3 Truths.  
Here’s the solution: 
There are 3 Truths that must be acted upon to get the slim, strong and feminine body you so desire.
3 Truths That Slim You Down, Reduce Facial Hair and Improve Hair Thinning and Acne
Truth #1: Balance Your Blood Sugar  
Balanced blood sugar and insulin is so important it’s the very first thing I address with my private clients who are struggling with weight gain, facial hair, and other symptoms of PCOS or high androgens.  
Poor diet and lifestyle habits desensitize your body to insulin, leaving loads of sugar in the blood and excess insulin floating around with nothing to do.  
This insulin imbalance does two things. . .

(1) It turns into a fat storage hormone and starts storing as much of what you eat as fat as possible (especially in the belly) 
(2) It tells your ovaries to produce more androgens, including testosterone, which shifts you into irregular cycles, oily + acne-prone skin, hair thinning and excessive growth of facial and body hair    

SO. . .you end up fat, hairy and completely ashamed. 
Truth #2: Manage Stress  
When it comes to managing PCOS naturally and reducing the unsightly physical symptoms, there’s hardly an organ more important to support than your adrenal glands.  
Vastly multi-functional, your adrenal glands are responsible for creating stress hormones (cortisol) and sex hormones (estrogen + testosterone), improving metabolism and regulating your sleep-wake cycle.  
In healthy women, this process works easily and like clockwork.    
Problems arise when your adrenals becomes sluggish due to. . .  
  • High intake of processed sugars hiding in everything from desserts, breads, sauces and dressings to snack bars, juices and alcoholic beverages 
  • Small, chronic stresses that build up over time like the traffic-laden commute, family problems, the sink full of dishes, kid-made messes, and not enough time for everything life asks of you 
  • High intake of caffeine from coffee and nightly alcohol intake from wine 
  • Use of hormonal birth control, anti-depressants and sedatives 
  • High intake of processed, fried foods, refined carbohydrates and doctored fats (think trans fats like in boxed cookies/crackers) 
  • Sitting all day at work and then sitting in front of the TV all night   
Over time your adrenals begin to produce androgens (like DHEA-S and testosterone) themselves, amplifying the effects of already high levels of insulin and androgens from the ovaries. A recipe for moody women with PCOS to get even more facial hair, hair loss and acne. 
Truth #3: Reduce Inflammation  
PCOS and elevated androgen hormones like testosterone is associated with low-grade systemic inflammation, which can even be noted on lab tests.  
Inflammation doesn’t just mean a swollen ankle, red and irritated eyes or the pain of an injury.    
Rather in us women with PCOS this chronic, low-grade inflammation is linked to blood sugar imbalance and insulin resistance.    
We know from Truth #1 that insulin and blood sugar problems are a very important root cause of PCOS and high androgens.   
Chronic, low-grade inflammation can make our bodies even more resistant to the signals of insulin, causing our ovaries (and adrenal glands) to overproduce androgens (like testosterone and DHEA-S) - putting weight on our bellies and “manly” hairs on our face.    

All of these 3 Truths are why I created a real food meal plan for women like you- women who have PCOS or high androgens, are growing hair where they don’t want it, losing hair where they want to keep it and struggling with embarrassing, ever-present pimples. 
Introducing The 28-Day Fat Loss Meal Plan for Women with PCOS and High Androgens 
(+ embarrassing “manly” facial hair)

This meal plan is right for you if:
  •  You’re sick of seeing the scale (and pant size) going up practically daily despite your best efforts
  •  You wish you could run out the door without needing to layer on heavy makeup to cover stubble and red acne spots
  •  Irritability and mood swings are straining your relationships and sending your spouse, kids or friends running for the fills 
  •  Seeing parts of your scalp showing through due to excessive hair thinning makes you cry 
  •  PMS (aka Pissy Mood Syndrome) hits like clockwork 1-2 weeks (of hell) before Aunt Flo arrives 
  •  Regular shaving, plucking and waxing is horrifying and makes you feel like a man 
  •  You actually want a period because you hardly get them and feel like total shit during long cycles 
  •  Your menstrual flow is scary heavy 
  •   You’re afraid if you ended up sick or injured in a hospital and you were unable to care for yourself everyone would see your beard 
  •  You want to eat well and support your health daily- not with a short-term crash diet solution
If you said “YES!” to any of the above, then you need to know
 HOW this meal plan will work for you. 

How It Works
Inside the 28-Day Fat Loss Meal Plan for Women with PCOS and High Androgens (+ embarrassing “manly” facial hair), you’ll find all your fat-burning, facial hair minimizing and hormone-balancing recipes easily laid out inside for you so you can begin to change your food choices immediately- no deprivation, confusion or questions left unanswered here.  
In fact, one of my clients recently told me that she had done tons of different diets and programs before and my meal plan was the easiest to follow she’d ever experienced.   
You’ll also learn time- and money-saving tricks you need to eat this way as a lifestyle to shed those pounds in a sustainable way.  

Why It Works
Following this delicious, 28-Day Meal Plan really works to shed those pounds, minimize facial hair, hair loss and acne, and bring on the JOY because. . .  
  •  1.  It utilizes the 3 Truths daily to improve levels of androgen hormones so you can shed pounds, inches and that dark, moody cloud for good. Real, nourishing foods to address blood sugar balance, stress and inflammation were carefully selected and crafted into delicious, easy-to-make recipes. Heal your body with food.

  •  2. The stress of figuring out what to eat to end your suffering is enough to send you hormones, weight and mood into a tailspin. You'll learn exactly why certain foods are included and get easy-to-use recipes to make it happen in your own life. 

  •  3. The recipes are created for real life. There’s no gourmet, hours-in-the-kitchen, need-to-be-a-chef stuff here. Only recipes that are quick, can be prepped ahead and will satisfy even the pickiest eater, confused spouse or finicky child. 
In the 28-Day Fat Loss Meal Plan for Women with PCOS and High Androgens (+ embarrassing “manly” facial hair) you’ll receive. . .

#1 A fully laid out 28-Day Meal Plan including all breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and desserts
#2 More than 75 recipes carefully selected and designed by a Holistic Nutritionist to be both easy & tasty
#3 A Meal Plan Guide to help you implement the meal plan in your life, including advice on:
  •  Fat Loss and Androgen-Reducing “Superfoods” you can find in your grocery store and why you should be eating them, such as: cinnamon, flaxseed and green tea
  •  How to follow the meal plan whether you choose to follow it exactly day-by-day or wish to make swaps and substitutions 
  •  How to Grocery Shop to save money, waste and to make sure you’re choosing the best quality food you can 
  •  How to Meal Prep and Batch Cook so meals come togethers seamlessly and in minutes on busy weeknights 
  •  How to Stay on Track and continue to use component of the meal plan after the first 28 days 
  •  How to Modify the meal plan to suit your needs if you’re also struggling with:
- Estrogen Dominance
- Adrenal Fatigue
- Underactive Thyroid
#4 A more in depth look at PCOS and high androgens and the conditions and risks associated if you don’t get this under control (like “manly” facial hair, hair thinning and acne)
#5 Grocery Lists for each of the 4 weeks
#6  Foods to Include/Foods to Avoid List to keep you on track as you continue to cook for yourself and hit up the grocery store beyond the recipes in this meal plan
Check out this delicious Sample Day. . .
My Fav PCOS Smoothie
Taco Lunch Bowl
Cashew Chicken
Apple Flax Muffins
Red Velvet Brownies
$77 CAD
You Might Be Thinking. . .
Robyn, I’ve tried a million different things to lose weight only to get frustrated and discouraged as the scale continues to climb and I keep needing buy razors- how will I know this will work for me?
I know this will work for women like you because:
  •  All the work is done for you- no need to guess, no counting calories or feeling guilty about foods you’re unsure are good for you
  •  Foods included in the meal plan were selected based on science and tradition to support the 3 Truths of Fat Loss and Facial Hair Reduction with PCOS and High Androgens - blood sugar, stress and inflammation 
  •  There is no deprivation. You can eat to satiety and enjoy all the full-bodied flavours of the nourishing foods. This includes bread, brownies and spaghetti!

OK, but I’m incredibly busy and can’t imagine adding another “thing” to my to-do list, can I make this work?
  • I have full faith and confidence you can make it work. Besides only having to shop, cook and eat, the recipes are simple and many can be prepared ahead of time requiring only minutes to put together at meal times. 
  • The Meal Plan Guide teaches you how to prep and batch cook to keep things going week by week without having to cook 3 meals a day, 7 days a week.
  • You can also use the principles outlined in the meal plan to make healthier choices when eating out- for those times where it's necessary. And let’s be real- this is real life and we are going to eat out. 
You’ll know this 28-Day Fat Loss Meal Plan is not for you if...
  •  You’re not willing to swap your donuts, starbucks drinks or Big Macs for whole foods that make you feel happy and alive
  •  You’re not ready to let go of your needless suffering and body hatred 
  •  You’re perfectly happy feeling lethargic and flabby 
  •  Prescription medications and potentially dangerous weight loss pills seem like a good idea to you 
  •  You want to spend years playing detective on your body guessing which foods might be right for you 
  •  You’re satisfied with crumbling relationships due to your uncontrolled moods and dissatisfaction with yourself 
  •  You 100% believe the only way to lose weight is through calorie restriction and extended cardio sessions 
  •  You want to feel embarrassed, “manly” and ashamed when you leave the house with red pimples, a 5 o’clock shadow and showing scalp
Imagine what it will be like when. . .
  •  You feel slim, feminine, strong and sexy in your body while coming to a happy and sustainable weight
  •  You can run out the door without makeup because your skin is clear 
  •  Your clothes fit perfectly all year round and you don’t have to go up a size every season 
  •  Razors, tweezers and waxing kits can be thrown away 
  •  Your moods are both stable and predictable 
  •  You see strong, new baby hairs starting to grow on your head 
  •  You’re able to be there fully present with your spouse, kids, friends and loved on in a positive mindset 
  •  Your periods are predictable and don’t cause you so much pain 
  •  You don’t need to rely on high-risk drugs like birth control, metformin or spironolactone to keep ugly symptoms at bay 
  •  You feel JOY and free to do what you want in life without constant anxiety and hopelessness hovering over your head

Let’s get you there with the 28-Day Fat Loss Meal Plan for Women with PCOS and High Androgens
(+ embarrassing “manly” facial hair)

#1 A fully laid out 28-Day Meal Plan including all breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and desserts
#2 More than 75 recipes carefully selected and designed by a Holistic Nutritionist to be both easy & tasty
#3 A Meal Plan Guide to help you implement the meal plan in your life, including advice on:
  •  Fat Loss and Androgen-Reducing “Superfoods” you can find in your grocery store and why you should be eating them, such as: cinnamon, flaxseed and green tea
  •  How to follow the meal plan whether you choose to follow it exactly day-by-day or wish to make swaps and substitutions 
  •  How to Grocery Shop to save money, waste and to make sure you’re choosing the best quality food you can 
  •  How to Meal Prep and Batch Cook so meals come togethers seamlessly and in minutes on busy weeknights 
  •  How to Stay on Track and continue to use component of the meal plan after the first 28 days 
  •  How to Modify the meal plan to suit your needs if you’re also struggling with:
- Estrogen Dominance
- Adrenal Fatigue
- Underactive Thyroid
#4 A more in depth look at PCOS and high androgens and the conditions and risks associated if you don’t get this under control (like “manly” facial hair, hair thinning and acne)
#5 Grocery Lists for each of the 4 weeks
#6  Foods to Include/Foods to Avoid List to keep you on track as you continue to cook for yourself and hit up the grocery store beyond the recipes in this meal plan
$77 CAD
Many women have already experienced incredible benefits through participation in my programs, products and meal plans, and here's what they had to say. . .
Cindy was really afraid to give up the foods that she liked; she was tired, and she was really nervous about the possible side effects like cravings and headaches. Cindy knew a lot about nutrition, but was afraid to take action because she thought it would mean misery, at least for the first little while. In the program she learned tangible tools to help reduce any discomfort, and how to keep her eye on the ball to achieve her goals. Cindy loved the extra resources to help reduce these possible symptoms and came out of it feeling fresh and happy to be sleeping through the night and not having to rely on her coffee habits to give her a jolt of energy anymore.
"Amazing results in just 4 days, confirmed in 7 and I'm now inspired to continue the program to gradually re-introduce food to find my unique bio-individuality diet going forward. Very excited! As with other programs I expected the first 3-4 days to be the hardest as the shift is happening but knew the reward would be worth it. I'm happy to have kicked the coffee habit- now it will be an occasional treat. I now prefer the variety of teas to choose from and can select a flavor based on my mood. I never felt overly hungry or had cravings after the first two days. It's nice to choose carbs rather than crave them. I am starting to feel more rested upon waking- very positive! I am also approaching self-care with a lot more thought and priortizing it which makes me an even happier and more vibrant person to be around."
 - Cindy G.
"When I first found Robyn, I knew there were things I needed to do and change in my life but I wasn't sure I could do it. With kids, a brand new career shift, bad periods and generally feeling super sluggish and tired, putting myself as a priority seemed really overwhelming. I wasn't confident I could make it work as my previous attempts to make a change, like going to a naturopath, choosing my own supplements and using what I thought was an anti-inflammatory diet never worked the way I wanted. Now I realize my fears were unfounded because working with Robyn helped me to nourish my body in a functional way that allows me to keep it going long-term and still support and keep my family happy. I know the right choices to make now, and how to do it easier. I'm so glad I took the time to focus on ME before starting my new career. I'm now energized and pumped up to continue with my new life!" 
 - Jessica M.
Lariza came to the program with this idea that nothing was going to work for her because she'd tried so many diets before. Lariza was bloated, felt super tired and had a lot of brain fog. She felt really defeated, didn't know who she was anymore, and thought she'd lost herself. Lariza LOVED doing the vision board because it gave her hope that this solution was right and would work for her. The program inspired her and helped her to think about the kind of woman that she wanted to be.
"Before the program, I felt bloated and tired and had brain fog. After the program, I have better digestion, feel light and have reduced brain fog. My favorite part was the vision board and taking care of me. I'm so happy to also have increased self-awareness and to have released some weight!"
- Lariza M.
"When I first found Robyn, I had hardly any time to myself and was struggling with symptoms of PCOS and depression. My brain was super foggy and I was gaining weight. I was worried I wouldn't be able to manage my symptoms naturally due to my high-stress, super busy job. Through the accountability and easy-to-implement detailed instruction I received from Robyn, I have been able to release some weight, and take consistent action towards feeling more energized and happy than before. I know my journey has not ended, and I'm so appreciative of the support I received to give me the confidence to get there." 
- Miranda B.
Anita had a huge block around time; having enough time to be healthy and not wanting to think about what to eat on a daily basis when she started the Happy Hormones program. Anita loved the recipes because it took the guesswork about what to eat out of her life. She was concerned that she would have to be making separate meals for her family, but Anita was pleasantly surprised and inspired by the easy-to-prepare recipes and her family loved them as well! Anita really reduced her anxiety around time and family when it came to balancing her own health, and can now help her family eat healthfully without spending hours in the kitchen. 
"Before the program I was out of control gaining weight. Now my clothes fit better and I've released some weight. I loved the recipes. Took the guesswork out of a diet/lifestyle change. I now have some new family favorites that can help us focus on protein and veggies in a very tasty way!" 
- Anita H.
Danielle came to the program with extremely low self-esteem and body image. Danielle was embarrassed about her skin and not confident in her ability to balance her health because she was so overwhelmed with all the information out there. Through the program, Danielle was able to envision the woman she wanted to be and use the program to debunk her myths and increase her confidence in living a healthy lifestyle without breaking the bank or the clock. 
"I have a positive outloook for my future health and motivation to keep going, my skin cleared up immediately, and I've already begun losing weight. I was surprised not to have cravings. My favorite part was the information about health and how it works and the recipes which incorporate the suggested elements. Overall, I am so glad I participated and I appreciate the help!"
- Danielle C.

"When I first found Robyn, I felt in flux. I experienced horrific period pains, hair loss, joint pain and tension and was completely unsatisfied with my job. I had begun to take the steps to start a new and exciting career direction, but was at a loss about what to do about my bad periods. I was worried there really was no answer and I'd have to use over the counter pain relievers forever. During our 2-hour Happy Hormones Quickstart Session, and after with my customized Action Sheet, I gained the tools I needed to balance my hormones. I'm SO excited, I just had my first period since starting Robyn's suggestions and there was so much less pain! It was almost unbelievable. I'm so appreciative of Robyn's gentle guidance, nonjudgmental support and that I took this time for ME." 
- N.B., England, UK

Sara was another woman who came into the program with low body image. An entrepreneur like myself, her lack of confidence was preventing her from having the kind of success she envisioned for her business and her life. Showing up how she wanted wasn't an option in her mind, but after going through the Happy Hormones program, Sara is super confident and motivated and doesn't let her nagging and negative self-talk hold her back.
"I felt bloated and not confident in my clothes as they didn't fit quite right. Now I feel I have more energy and motivation to get things done and my clothes fit better." 
- Sara B.
Doesn't this sound delicious?
Let me break down the value of all these goodies for you. 

$197 CDN Value 

$97 CDN Value

$147 CDN Value

$27 CDN Value

$27 CDN Value
$197 CDN Value 
$97 CDN Value
$147 CDN Value
$27 CDN Value
$27 CDN Value
Total Value:
$495 CDN
Your Investment:
$77 CDN
That's only a $2.75 investment in your health for every day of the 28-Day Fat Loss Meal Plan. . .You can't even get a small fancy coffee drink at Starbuck's for that kind of value!!
I've worked hard to create incredible value for you with this Meal Plan because you don't need to suffer.

I'm taking a stand for you, and making this Meal Plan so affordable there's no reason to say "no" and every reason to say "YES!!"

So I'm opening the door for you to reach out and get on your journey to wellness without ANY risk at all. . . 
Which is why today you are not going to pay the full value of $495 for the 28-Day Fat Loss Meal Plan for Women With PCOS and High Androgens (+ embarrassing, “manly” facial hair). . .   

If you act right now, and order your Meal Plan. . . 

For you today. . .   

I'll give you the whole Meal Plan package for a MASSIVELY discounted price of. . .  

Just $77 CDN!
$77 CDN
Still feels risky? Let me take care of that for you. . .
I know you've probably tried things in the past, and maybe you're new to me and want to try me on for size.
So let's agree right now. Follow the 28-Day Meal Plan. Commit to it. Apply the recipes and success suggestions for just 28 days.Really give it a shot. And if the benefits just aren't there for you, reach out to me. I'll review your homework. We'll go over your meal plans. If there's truly no way to help you out- even though your heart's in it- you'll get your money back. I guarantee it.
Ready to get started? Awesome, me too!
Here’s what you need to do:
1.  Purchase the 28-Day Fat Loss Meal Plan by clicking the button below .
2.  Check your email inbox for your confirmation and welcome email.  This email will give you all the details including your link to download all the Meal Plan materials and bonuses.
$77 CDN
I am taking birth control, Metformin, Spironolactone or other medications- can I still benefit from using the Meal Plan?  
Absolutely! While it’s true that using synthetic hormones (like in The Pill) may mask some effects of what you’re doing, you will still feel a lot better, and will be able to support your body to come off birth control, if that’s a goal of yours.
Meds like Metformin and Spironolactone are absolutely fine to take as well. Note that if you decide to use any of the PCOS supplements outlined in your BONUS supplement protocol, you should consult your doctor before beginning any of them.  
The foods you’ll be eating will also help to replace nutrients that are depleted when using prescription medications (like B vitamins).

I don’t have facial hair, hair loss and/or acne, will this Meal Plan still help my PCOS?  
Definitely. PCOS manifests in many different ways. Some women are overweight, some are not. Some have cysts, some don’t. And some PCOS cysters experience facial hair, hair loss and acne- and still others don’t.  
The one common factor among women with PCOS is insulin resistance- the main focus of the foods and recipes in this meal plan.
I haven’t officially been diagnosed with PCOS but have all the symptoms, will this Meal Plan work for me?  
Likely yes. Some doctors are hesitant to give the diagnosis of PCOS if you don’t have cysts, or physical symptoms (see question above) or irregular/absent cycles. This is incredibly frustrating. In fact it took me over a year to get my diagnosis because I never had cysts!
The basis for this meal plan: an insulin-balancing, anti-inflammatory diet, it beneficial for most all women, especially those with symptoms of androgen excess and PCOS like facial hair, weight gain, hair loss, acne and mood disturbances. 
My blood labs for androgens all came back “normal” and yet I have all these symptoms like facial hair, hair loss and acne- will this Meal Plan still work for me?
For sure! Women with PCOS don’t always have high levels of androgen hormones like testosterone on blood work. Why? Because a lot of the excess hormones aren’t actually in the blood, they’re created and put to use right at the tissue site (like hair follicles and skin cells, for example).  
So, you could have acne, facial hair and hair loss but have perfect blood levels of testosterone and DHT (another potent androgen) because most of it isn’t in your blood, but it still causing you problems.  
Blood work can be super useful, and it’s also important to go off symptoms. Your symptoms are real, they’re not in your head and you absolutely have a large amount of control over how they manifest in and on your body.
How many hours per week does this Meal Plan require?
You should expect to set aside 5 hours to read the materials, shop and cook the meals I teach you in the 28-Day Fat Loss Meal Plan for Women with PCOS and High Androgens. Once you get the hang of things, it'll take even less time. You can cook while listening to your favorite podcast and feed yourself for the week! And I'll show you time-saving shortcuts to make cooking as easy as possible.
What if I'm paleo/vegan/gluten-free/dairy-free?
The 28-Day Fat Loss Meal Plan for Women with PCOS is inclusive of many specialized diets. It is gluten and dairy-free. 

I believe wholeheartedly in using some animal foods as being extremely healing. 

This meal plan DOES contain plenty of 100% vegan recipes (including a separate 7-Day Vegan Meal Plan) and plenty of options to "veganize" other recipes throughout the meal plan.
While there may not be a one size fits all diet, there are things we can ALL agree on, and that's what the 28-Day Fat Loss Meal Plan for Moody Women with Estrogen Dominance philosophy rests on:
  •  Whole, unprocessed foods
  •  Lots of fresh veggies 
  •  High-quality protein 
  •  Liberal, healthy fats 
  •  No processed sugar, chemicals or 'fake' products
Can't I just learn to eat better on my own?
Yes! You could- there are lots of choices out there, and I suggest you try any and all of them.
You could buy cookbooks. Again: some of these are GREAT. Except there won't be anyone to answer your questions about making the recipes, so you know you're doing it right and not wasting time. 
You could attend live cooking classes. These are super fun! The drawback is that you can't reference them later. Plus, they only teach you how to make one or two things at a rate of at least $100 per class- not the skill of cooking for LIFE and hormone balance. 
You could watch cooking shows. Even I watch them! Ever since I was a kid. Just remember: Cooking shows are there to entertain you, not to fit food into your schedule. You aren't going to cook braised lamb shanks midweek. No one is.

Can I continue my nutritional supplements while using the Meal Plan?
Most likely! The only thing that matters is the food and your mindset.
You'll be nourishing your body and soul with seasonal, whole-food recipes. (Good + easy ones, I promise.) 
Any other nutritional supplements you may already be using are likely fine to continue during the meal plan, unless otherwise suggested by your alternative healthcare practitioner. This meal plan is designed to be very safe. 
Can I find the foods at my local grocery store?
Definitely. As this Meal Plan contains lots of fresh ingredients, most of it will be in your large, well-stocked, local grocery store. Some ingredients (like a few of the optional superfoods) may be more easily available at your local health food store or online. You can be 110% successful with only your regular grocer, so dive in!
I'm new to hormone balancing and eating well, what can I expect?
You can expect to be really confused when people talk about how horrible and difficult and miserable their last diet was because YOU get to experience a successful and HAPPY hormone-balancing eating program for the first time.
If you haven't consistently taken care of yourself before or have a major imbalance you can expect the first few days to have some discomfort. You may have headaches and possible fatigue at first. But, by the end of the Meal Plan, you should be feeling much better than before your started. (WIN).  

I've tried everything possible for weight loss- calorie-counting, cardio, low-fat, low-carb, ketogenic, Atkins, Weight Watchers and more. All with little or no result! How can I know this Meal Plan will help with my fat loss?
You will experience results because the foods and recipes have been specifically designed to combat the 3 Fictions That Keep You Fat and Hairy. These foods and recipes work WITH your body- not against it- in order to sustainably boost your metabolism and detoxify excess estrogen that's keeping the weight on.
There's also zero risk in trying this Meal Plan- if you follow it as it's laid out for 28 days and don't lose fat, reduce facial hair growth, hair shedding or acne breakouts or balance PCOS hormones, you get your money back!
DISCLAIMER: This Meal Plan is to be distributed for informational purposes only. The author will not be held responsible for the use or misuse of the information in this Meal Plan. This Meal Plan is not intended for pregnant women or nursing mothers. It is also not intended as medical advice, because the author is not a medical doctor. Because there is always risk involved, the author may not be held responsible for any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use of any recipes, suggestions or procedures descried hereafter.
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